It may seem simple to clean our sneakers. However, there are actually a number of factors to consider. We will help you figure out on how to clean your sneaker quickly and properly.

Step 1: Prepare the materials needed
You need to set up your working space and the materials needed. Make sure to remove the laces of your sneakers before you begin.

Step 2. Remove the excess dirt
There may be excess dirt on the sole of your sneakers. You need to knock the soles of your sneakers together. Also, you can use a soft brush or damp towel in rubbing off any remaining dirt.

Step 3: Clean up some spots
Use quick wipes to effectively clean the spots of your sneakers. Make a dab and twist motion to easily lift and remove the stains.

Step 4: Deep clean and rinse
Dip your brush on to a hot water. Make sure to gently brush your sneakers. Remove the soap with a towel. You can whiten the canvas with a toothpaste. Clean the midsole just as you cleaned the upper portion of your sneakers.

Step 5:Wash your laces with a washing machine or scrub it with a toothbrush.
You can also buy a new one in some retailer stores, they are reasonably cheap.

Step 6: Dry it overnight