Those suffering from diabetes are more prone to foot problems. This health disease can result in nerve damage that sways a person’s ability to know the exact moment their feet get injured. In addition, diabetes increases the risk of one getting ulcers or serious wounds on their feet. If not handled in time, the wounds and the ulcers can lead to amputation.
Diabetes also affects the body’s ability to heal because the feet ends up getting less oxygen and blood hence needing more time to recover even for a minor skin irritation. People with diabetes are also susceptible to their feet swelling or edema. But all’s not lost. Some of the foot problems associated with diabetes can be prevented by wearing the right shoes for diabetics. We review some of the best sneakers for diabetics that you can purchase in the market today.

1. Skechers Go Walk 4


The Skechers Go Walk 4 is ranked highly as one of the best sneakers for anyone suffering from diabetes. The shoe is excellent in the amount of comfort and performance it provides. It offers a natural stride that is responsive to different kinds of surfaces.


  • Available in different colors and sizes to suit your style and feet

  • Can be worn as an everyday casual shoe and provides the needed support as a walking shoe

  • The mesh uppers are soft and flexible which makes the shoe lightweight and breathable keeping your feet cool and dry

  • Can easily slip them on and off

  • You are guaranteed of excellent comfort and support thanks to the Ortholite footbed cushioning

  • The use of the rubber outsole helps make the Skechers Go Walk 4 durable while offering good traction as well

  • The soft interior of the shoe has been treated using Agion to help control odor and moisture

  • The rubber sole and high heel design help keep your feet protected even when walking on uneven ground

  • Flexibility is one thing that the shoe boasts of which comes in handy for diabetic people with swollen feet

  • Reasonably priced making them affordable for most people


  • The sole isn’t durable and as such, wears out really quick

2. New Balance Mx608v4


The New Balance Mx608v4 is a flexible shoe that also works perfectly as a good sneaker for any diabetic person. This shoe provides the versatility and performance that any diabetic foot needs. Unlike other sneakers from other brands, the New Balance Mx608v4 is available in a wide variety of sizes. The different shoe colors available also give you the freedom to choose the color you prefer them in to suit your style.


  • It’s available in a wide variety of sizes that both fit people with small and wide feet

  • The color variants available for this shoe gives you the freedom to choose the shoe in the color that you prefer it in

  • It’s a versatile shoe that offers the performance and support that a diabetic foot requires

  • The heel comes with a shock absorbing feature that helps protect your foot from any hard impacts

  • The midsole is flexible while the outsole is non-marking which adds to the benefits that you can get with this shoe

  • Designed to prevent swelling of the feet as well as any feeling of discomfort

  • Designed with a dual density foam for support and cushioning


  • They are not durable hence not the desirable for anyone looking for a pair of shoes that will serve them for long

3. Propet Life Walker Strap Shoe


One thing that makes the Propet Life Walker Strap shoe an excellent buy for anyone with diabetes is that the shoe is Medicare-approved. In addition, it is a good choice for people with wide feet. This also makes it suitable for diabetic people who regularly have to deal with swollen feet.


  • The shoe is medicare-approved

  • Ideal for any diabetic who has a wide foot

  • The shoes offer amazing support to not just your feet but to your ankle as well

  • Thanks to the rocker feature, the shoe can propel the wearer forward without them having to worry about foot stress

  • The midsole of the Propet Life Walker Strap shoe gives additional arch support

  • The use of the durable perforated leather upper helps in boosting air circulation which ensures that the shoe is breathable

  • The rubber sole comes in handy for shock absorbance which guarantees safety over different types of surfaces

  • The shoes provide an excellent amount of cushioning as well as complete protection of your feet

  • It has a fully padded lining for comfort

  • The straps help keep your feet in place while also making it easy to put on and remove the shoes


  • Some consumers have complained that the shoe is heavier than most sneakers for diabetics

4. Skechers Afterburn Strike


The Skechers Afterburn Strike are the perfect exercise shoes for any diabetic. While they may only be available in three different colors and have a design that may not be pleasing to everyone, you can be rest assured that the shoe will help you through your walks thanks to the stable sole that is thick, lots of cushioned support and adjustable closure.


  • Designed with lots of cushioning for stability and comfort

  • The shoe has two adjustable closures – hook and loop closure and dual strap Velcro – for that perfect fit

  • The two adjustable closures are excellent and enable you to manipulate how your sneakers feel and fit especially for diabetic people with edema

  • The thick and stable sole not only helps with stability and comfort, but it also guarantees durability

  • Available in three different colors and 11 fit sizes

  • The cushioned, thick and lugged outsole makes this shoe ideal for use on the trail or on the street

  • The padded collar and tongue prevent blistering while the textile and leather uppers help maintain the durability, shape, and breathability of the shoe


  • The available colors for the shoe can be a buying hindrance for people who want variety in terms of shoe color

  • It has a narrow run and isn’t as durable as you’d think

5. Skechers Equalizer Shoes


The one thing that makes the Skechers shoes perfect for diabetics is how easy they’re to slip on and off thanks to the no lace design used in constructing the shoe. Besides being available in a wide variety of sizes, the shoe is also available in four different colors and offers the right amount of comfort and stability that any diabetic person needs.


  • Having a slip on and off design, the shoe is easy to wear and remove

  • The shoe is lightweight which makes it excellent for walking, jogging or running

  • It has a flexible design and fit while also being relaxed

  • The Skechers Equalizer shoe has enough toe room area which ensures that your toe isn’t pressed making you uncomfortable when walking or jogging

  • The shoe has an advanced cushioning system for support and comfort and has also incorporated an outsole that is shock absorbing and flexible

  • The best diabetic sneakers for walking thanks to how durable they are

  • The materials used in constructing the shoes are breathable which allows your feet to stay cool and dry

  • Has a good fit for people with wider feet and is also accommodating to other foot conditions such as Bunions and hammertoe


  • Some customers have complained about the shoe’s elastic seams saying they aren’t durable

6. Propet TravelActive Sneakers


The Propet TravelActive are the best sneakers for any diabetic woman. Besides, Propet are well-known for making quality shoes for sensitive feet as well as for different medical conditions; hence why the Prope TravelActive sneakers made it to our list. This shoe will not only support your feet, but keep them comfortable as well.


  • One of the best sneakers designed for women

  • By buying the Propet TravelActive sneakers, you will be buying into a brand that is well-known for constructing quality shoes for those suffering from different medical conditions as well as those with sensitive feet

  • It’s a stylish footwear that is an excellent choice for use when your feet are swollen or paining

  • The shoes are suitable for going out for a walk or for work as they guarantee to keep your feet supported and comfortable

  • They are AMPA approved

  • The shoe has a sturdy sole that is well-cushioned

  • The upper part has a perforated design that helps with breathability and ventilation which helps ensure that your feet don’t swell from heat or any walking or standing activity

  • The straps are stretchy and adjustable allowing for that perfect fit which is crucial when dealing with swollen or diabetic feet


  • Not suitable for athletics

  • The straps are short

Final Thoughts

When evaluating any shoe that you want to buy, it’s important that you keep comfort in your mind. A shoe is just a shoe unless it’s comfortable and fits perfectly. And comfort, is one of the factors that we’ve used to review the above shoes. In addition, consider the fit of the shoe, stability, compatibility, breathability and the outsole.

Look for a shoe that is the right size and one that you are sure will serve you for long. The cost of the shoe is also an important factor to consider. Set a budget and find something worth it. Don’t but a shoe because of the hype it gets but buys a shoe that will suit your exact need.