It was back in 1920, when a simple canvas model became the highest selling of all time. It was the All Star basketball model of Converse, their all-time ‘Chuck Taylor’. In 1924, the Dassler brothers started producing shoes of their own. But it did not took long when a family dispute separated them. It was in 1948 when Rudolf Dassler launched PUMA, and Adolf Dassler made rise Adidas in 1949.

Across the globe, a Japanese man, Kihachiro Onitsuka launched his own sneakers under the name Tiger. It is now more known as ASICS. The Tiger footwear was brought in the US by Blue Ribbon Sports.

In 1966, a sneaker has been loved by surfers and skaters that shows the counterculture style. It originated in Anaheim, California, made and designed by Paul Van Doren. The sneakers are best known as VANS.

As Phil Knight was busy distributing Tiger sneakers in the US. He was inspired to make Nike. Nike was named after the goddess of victory. Later then, their ‘Swoosh’ check logo became a valuable and influential symbol in the sneaker community.